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The Hungarian Bach Society

Established at Tamás Zászkaliczky's proposal in 1992, the Hungarian Bach Society held its statutory meeting in Budapest on 29 February 1992. A common concern to all foundation members - musicians and non-musicians alike - was the love and appreciation of Johann Sebastian Bach's rich oeuvre. Since then membership has grown to about 200. Member can be anyone who agrees with the set objectives of the Society, promotes their realization and pays the membership fee.
One of the major purposes of the Society is to foster playing in concerts Bach's seldom or practically never heard compositions, in addition to his regularly performed masterpieces. The Society is based at the Budapest Lutheran Church on Deák tér where - thanks to the Choir Lutheránia - Bach's music has been cultivated for decades. This church has been host to both the highly acclaimed annual Budapest Bach Weeks and the so-called Bach weekends. The cantatas and oratorios are performed within religious services to comply with their original liturgical framework. To our greatest pleasure audiences understand and appreciate even less familiar works.

The Society's other aim of crucial importance is to promote Hungarian and international Bach scholarship. In the series Bach Studies writings by Hungarian and foreign authors appear, providing publication possibilities for young Hungarian musicologists as well. The Society maintains contact with other Bach Societies abroad, first of all with the German Bach Society (Neue Bach Gesellschaft).

By now it has become evident that Bach's works represent perennial values outlasting fashions and times. In addition to the magic of harmony and counterpoint emanating from his music, the community spirit and tone so characteristic of Bach's art fascinate the people of our time as well. Meeting perfection day by day makes you shudder. Bach's music embraces us all; it elevates us or rather bends down to us and gives us new ideas and inspirations each day.

Tamás Zászkaliczky
/president of the Hungarian Bach Society/